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Buy TUBE PRO Commercial Quality River Tubes


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 NEW Tube Accessory!
Add a river tube paddle to your order




  • 37" (92.5 cm) single river tube paddle
  • 2 piece plastic shaft
  • 11" (27.5 cm) blade


New Tube Pro Red Tube 3 copy.jpgDesigned to last a lifetime of personal use, the Tube Pro retail river tube is identical to our famous commercial quality river tube.





   Steerable River Tube by Tube Pro


TT-lazy-float.gifTubeTracker-PRO-rapids.gif Tube Pro’s NEW revolutionary  TubeTracker™  and TubeTracker™PRO are the only river tubes designed for river navigation with superior stability. Agile and buoyant, the streamlined shape allows for fluid paddling in both lazy floats, and more extreme whitewater conditions. Three precise tracking fins on the bottom allow for tight turning and maneuvering. The sturdy and comfortable backrest is ideal for longer river floats and specially designed to rest against the top of your shoulder blades for superior back support. When not paddling through currents, affix the paddle in the oar holders and lean back and enjoy a beverage from the cup holder. The enclosed bottom of the TubeTracker™ prevents you from getting wet in cooler conditions and the inflated floor acts as an additional safety air chamber. The TubeTracker™PRO heavy tarpaulin PVC/polyester bottom sewn to a 800 denier nylon cover top will provide superior abrasion resistance for shallow or turbulent whitewater conditions. The design of the sewn cover allows some water to enter and circulate int he bottom of the tube/cover ensuring stability in whitewater conditions.   


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TubeTracker™ with Paddle:

  • 60” x 40” (150 cm x 100 cm) Inflated outer chamber with exterior backrest
  • 44” x 15” (110 cm x 37.5 cm) Separate inflated floor chamber with small push-in valve
  • 30 Gauge heavy-duty commercial PVC
  • 3 Heavy-duty plastic tracking fins on bottom (dimensions 6” x 2.5”)
  • 1 Plastic 70” (175 cm) kayak paddle with ore mounts on tube
  • 1 Cup holder, 2 Large plastic handles for transport/carrying
  • Single boston valve for quick inflation/deflation of main air chamber




TubeTracker™PRO with COVER and Paddle:

  • 840 Nylon cover top with durable 0.60 mm PVC coated 1000 denier polyester tarpaulin bottom
  • 60” x 40” (150 cm x 100 cm) Inflated outer chamber with exterior backrest
  • 22” x 15” (55 cm x 37.5 cm) Separate inflated seat chamber with small push-in valve
  • 30 Gauge heavy-duty commercial PVC
  • 3 Heavy-duty plastic tracking fins on bottom (dimensions 6” x 2.5”)
  • 1 Plastic 70” (175 cm) kayak paddle with oar mounts on tube
  • 1 Cup holder, 2 Large foam covered sewn handles for transport/carrying
  • Single boston valve for quick inflation/deflation of main air chamber
  • Tube assembled in cover, ready for inflation

Buy your own Tube Pro™ River Tube and join the growing club of river fun!


AbbySeatedRedTubeEdited_sm.gifForty-four inches (110 cm) in outer diameter, our river tube is capable of maintaining buoyancy while supporting a large person. All river tube covers feature bottoms which are excellent for adults and smaller children.

The Tube Pro™ river tube canvas cover is constructed from heavy duty 600 Denier polyester material. This material is water and mildew resistant. Polyester is famous for the ability to retain its original color while enduring maximum sunlight exposure. Our river tube cover skirts are the perfect feature to enhance tuber comfort. The polyester fabric does not stick to the skin and creates an ideal barrier to keep the rubber inner tube cool, alleviates bare skin contact with the rubber tube and decrease chaffing. You can expect our river tube covers to look great for years to come.

Our standard Grommet/Canvas Bottom has four plastic grommets installed in the canvas bottom of the river tube cover allow water to circulate throughout the cover floor for stability.

The Tube Pro™ reinforced butyl rubber tube inside the cover is made specifically for river and snow tubing applications. Our standard Tube Pro™ 41" - 44" (102.5 - 110 cm) diameter reinforced rubber inner tube is manufactured with our standard shorter 1" (2.5 cm) valve stem which is angled downward.

The support handles of the river tube cover are made from heavy-duty automotive seat belt webbing. The stitching on the handles is sewn using the famous "W" pattern, one of the strongest used to sew two pieces of material together.



STAR BUY NOW_1.jpgRubberized Mesh Bottom river tube covers provide instant drainage when lifted from the water. These screen mesh river tube covers are ideal to get out and repeat rapids or maneuver to deeper waters. Inner tubes can be purchased and used with and without covers.




River tubes for sale.


river tube Blue zipper top.jpgOur Zipper Tube Covers are great for those who want the traditional river tube shape but a fully enclosed cover for complete protection. This encased river tube cover model is for the traditional river tube enthusiast, with its conventional "donut" shape cover there is no need for special drainage. It is great to easily get out and repeat rapids and is less likely to get hung up on rocks. This river tube cover protects the rubber inner tube from UV light, to increase tube longevity. The fully enclosed river tube cover encases the inner tube creating a constant pressure environment to decrease tube deformities and create a more uniform shape. This higher pressure will increase tube buoyancy within the cover limits.



river tube RED cover with pocket.jpg


river tube RED pocket fill.jpgUpgrade your river tube cover to include a large storage pocket sewn to the cover with a rugged Velcro closure. Great for keeping keys, wallet, sunscreen, sunglasses and other personal items safe along your trip. 



 tubeLinkSeparate-ThroughHandle_sml.jpgOur Tube Links are perfect for transporting coolers or connecting to canoes. These linking ropes easily connect by looping the webbing through the river tube handles and securing the connection with the harness. 




STAR BUY NOW_1.jpgTube Pro™ inner Tube Seats are great for keeping up and off the rocky rivers, and providing increased comfort. Our river tube seats are universal for ALL Tube Pro sizes, models & Tube Pro covers. The river tube seat is adjustable and is made with a closed-cell waterproof foam core sewn within RED/BLUE reversible 600 denier canvas covering. Adjustable strap webbing sewn through the river seat can easily clip in to durable black plastic buckles sewn into the river tube cover upgrade. Alternatively, to use with an inner tube only, four black webbing straps with buckles and Velcro closures can be wrapped around the tube and secured. Inner tube seats are generally compatible with any make of tube with a 11" air chamber diameter or minimum 35" inflated circumference.

 River tubes for sale.


You can purchase your very own commercial quality Tube Pro river tubes using our accepted "secure online order form". If you want to place your order over the phone Call 1-866-TUBEPRO (882-3776).

Our products are NAFTA certified (North American Free Trade Agreement), therefore there are no duties or taxes on products shipped to the USA. Standard Ground service ships in 4-6 business days and expedited options are available.