TP44-BLUE-H (OVERLAP) FLOAT TUBE - 2 for $92 ($46 each)


Single Blade 37" River Tube Paddle
Single Blade 37" River Tube Paddle
37" single river tube paddle with 2 piece black plastic shaft and 11" red blade
Water Tube Linking Rope
Water Tube Linking Rope
River tube linking ropes easily connect through the tube handles and the 60" webbing strap secures with the easy clasp buckles. Tube Links are perfect for transporting coolers or connecting to canoes.
Product Description:
Product Features:
Single rider
44" (110 cm) inflated diameter
48" (120 cm) deflated diameter
16" (40 cm) inner diameter open hole
30 gauge BLUE PVC vinyl
Main air chamber with white safety valve
2 large support handles
Repair kit included: matching circular PVC patches and urethane glue tube